Chamber Music
Chamber Music Overview

Defined as one player per part, the genre of Chamber Music can range from as small as a duo to as large as an octet. Its intimate form develops teamwork as players collaborate both musically and socially. Students learn such life skills as problem solving in this democratic process of making music together. The enjoyment of playing chamber music lasts a life time!

The facets of the Preucil Chamber Music Program include: Winter Chamber Program, Velay Certificate Chamber Program, Established Ensembles, Summer Chamber Fest and Early Chamber Music Experience. Additional chamber opportunities are offered at the String Retreat weekend, Cello Chamber Days, and special events such as the Chamber Music Mosh and guest chamber music master classes.

Funding of the chamber offerings is made possible via a grant from the Amateur Chamber Music Players (ACMP) Network.

Summer Chamber Fest

The Summer Chamber Fest is a week long program consisting of daily chamber music coachings, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Voice Exploration, music theory/history, chamber practice and master classes with guest clinicians and Preucil faculty. String students participate in a chamber orchestra and piano students are scheduled for an early keyboard class. Violinists may take the “Viola for Violinists Class,” exploring the viola, its clef and the instrument in general. A final concert caps off the week. Entrance requirements are the same as the Winter Chamber Program. Funding of the chamber offerings is made possible via a grant from the Amateur Chamber Music Players (ACMP) Network.

High school piano and string students, who wish to focus on chamber music, may elect the partial day program which includes chamber coachings, master class performance and the final performance. High school violin students may also enroll in the "Viola for Violinists Class."

Winter Chamber Music

The Winter Chamber Program runs for 10 weeks starting second semester, February through mid-April. Students in grades 3-12, who have completed Book 3 and two reading books, may enroll. Adults, who play at a minimum of an intermediate level, may also apply. Each group receives one coaching per week, 30 minutes (duets) or 45 minutes (trios, quartets, quintets) and performs on the final Winter Chamber Recital. Funding of the chamber offerings is made possible via a grant from the Amateur Chamber Music Players (ACMP) Network.

Early Chamber Music Experience - An Introduction to Chamber Music

The Early Chamber Music Experience provides young players their first experience with chamber playing. The program consists of 6 weeks of 45-minute coaching sessions and concludes with an informal performance by each ensemble.

Preucil faculty member Ute Brandenburg stated: I have found that the added responsibility and ownership that comes with being part of a chamber ensemble gives students no choice but to rise up to the occasion. Being masters of their own experience is a thrilling, new concept usually leaving the student asking for more.

Established Quartets

The Established Ensembles Program consists of string quartets and trios which meet on a regular basis throughout the academic year. Such ensembles study chamber music in depth and have the opportunity to perform for guest artist master classes and participate in the school's Outreach Program. "Outreach quartets" serve as ambassadors of the school, performing for community meetings, university events, weddings/parties and other area special events. Each quartet member pays one-fourth of the hourly tuition fee.

Groups or individuals wishing to have quartet music for a special event are invited to call the school to check on availability and fees.