How You Can Help

How you can help

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Sustaining excellence
The Preucil School of Music offers excellence in instruction for students of all ages, and creative early childhood instruction in a caring, nurturing environment. It is more than a place to learn to play an instrument: it is a special place where young people learn important values, make lifelong friendships and flourish as musicians.

Your gifts make it possible for the school to sustain its efforts to:

  • Maintain a quality music curriculum grounded in the philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki, for string, piano and voice students.
  • Provide financial aid to students who could not otherwise afford private lessons.
  • Offer an early childhood education program through which youngsters can develop an excitement for learning, and experience the richness of music for the first time.
  • Attract and retain quality faculty who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to each and every student they teach.

Tuition alone cannot support sustained excellence or financial security. That is why your contribution is important to the school as it moves into perpetuity.

"The greatest joy an adult can know is the privilege of developing a child’s potential in a way that enables that child to express all that is harmonious and best in human beings." -S. Suzuki

How your dollars can help

Endowment Fund (Established in 1985)

This fund is established in perpetuity with only the produced income being used to help offset the gap between tuition and operating expenses. This includes bringing faculty salaries to a level more commensurate with their expertise, and providing financial aid for deserving children.

Endowed Financial Aid Fund Gifts totaling $1,000 or more, often in memory or honor of a loved one, can be invested in perpetuity, with the interest used annually for financial assistance.

There are two categories of endowed funds:

  • The endowed fund for students beginning their 2nd year or more of instruction. (This fund has over 60 individually endowed funds in it and supports students who have studied at least one year.)
  • Stacy L. Thompson, M.D., Memorial Fund for First-Year Students. (This fund supports beginning students,)

Current Expenditures

  • Where needed most
  • Program Development Fund
  • Early childhood education, music education programs, facilities and equipment.
  • Student Scholarship Fund
  • Financial aid given annually, enhanced by the endowments above.

Planned Giving

"When you include the Preucil School in your will, trust, or general estate plans, you make a substantial contribution to our future and continuing success. Please contact Director Sonja Zeithamel at (319) 337-4156 x 103 for confidential help in planning your gift.