Performing Groups
Espressivo Strings

The Espressivo Strings is a performance group made of those advanced violin students who are interested in expanding their skills and repertoire beyond what is possible in the private lesson. Students who have completed the Suzuki repertoire in excellent fashion are eligable. Members range in age from twelve to eighteen years old. The director is Doris Preucil, and pianist is Richard Bloesch.

The weekly rehearsals work on perfection and memorization of music to be performed, sightreading, and exercises to build individual technique and ensemble skills.

Music ranges from Baroque to Contemporary, with emphasis on Romantic Violin Pieces associated with salon performance in the early 20th century.

The group has performed in the midwest, Japan, and England. It has also been featured on several Christmas Pops Concerts with Symphony Iowa, (formerly the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra).

For performance availability, please call Doris Preucil at (319) 337-2558.

Ensemble con Brio

Ensemble con Brio is a performing group for violinists in books 6 – 8+. Students must be recommended by their teacher, and there are no age requirements. The group will be supplementing the standard Suzuki repertoire with additional pieces. Members must be willing to put in additional practice time. The goal is to create a young performing group of violinists with good posture, pitch, and tone that can be called upon to represent the school in public appearances when opportunities occur. From time to time, the group may combine with Espressivo Strings for special appearances.

The group meets at 4:30 – 5:15 pm every Monday at the Main Campus Lower Level Rehearsal Room. Those students who are in PSSO leave early to travel to the North Campus for orchestra. The other members will remain at the Main Campus for their 5:30 Concert Orchestra rehearsal. Repertoire groups for Hancher will preempt the con Brio rehearsals. Linda Judiesch is the leader of the group.

NOTE: All students participating in Ensemble con Brio must participate in the appropriate Preucil Orchestra.

Cello Choir

The Preucil School of Music Cello Choir offers our advanced cello players another ensemble opportunity. Consisting entirely of cellists, we explore chamber music in 2-12 different parts. In the past, we've played everything from Classical to Ragtime! Rehearsals are centered around ensemble practice, and also serve as an advanced technique class. The cello choir is an invaluable supplement to orchestra and a private lesson. This group is performance oriented, and will perform throughout the year. Enrollment in either concert orchestra or PSSO is required to join the cello choir.

Junior Cello Choir

Junior Cello Choir is an ensemble made up of only cellos. This group is an introductory course to Cello Choir. It is open to 6th-9th graders or book 4-6. We will explore music in 2-8 parts. Students learn to play independently within a group. It is a great class to build reading skills. There is nothing like the sound of a large group of cellos playing in harmony!