Performance Opportunities:
Recitals, Concerts, & Master Classes
School Recitals:
Each student performs annually in a formal recital held in the School's Auditorium. Parents can accustom their children to the recital procedure and demonstrate the importance of these events by attending several recitals throughout the year. Motivation is increased as children find role models through attending special recitals by advanced students or graduates. Each recital is followed by a reception in Bogen Assembly Hall, where parents of performers provide cookies and punch and two parents serve as hosts.

Optional Graduation Recitals:
An optional graduation recital, celebrating the completion of a Suzuki book, can be a landmark in a child's musical development. As students finish each piece in the Suzuki books, review continues as the next pieces are learned. Upon completion of a book, students can perform the entire book at a recital for family and friends, either in our auditorium or at their home. Parents serve refreshments and a graduation certificate is presented.

Solo Recitals:
Advanced students may be invited by their teacher to present solo recitals in our auditorium. Parents assume the responsibility of publicity and hospitality.

String Concert:
The Annual String Concert gives all string students the special experience of taking part in an inspiring and motivating performance.

Piano Festival:
Piano students have a biennial Piano Festival, held in North Campus Walder Hall. In alternate years, Concerto Day offers students who are playing concertos an opportunity to play a movement with a small string orchestra.

Performances by Preucil students:
The String Orchestras perform annually at the School or in a local venue. Concerts are also given in other Iowa communities. Groups of children or soloists also take part in community outreach performances throughout the year.

Master Classes:
Occasionally, visiting performing artists teach master classes. Children not chosen to perform are encouraged to attend. Much can be learned from observing at such close range.

Usually free, concerts are scheduled at the Preucil School by visiting performers, alumni, and faculty. All students are encouraged to attend.