Below are Pictures of The Baltics

  • Click for a short Video of Madame Peng at 1st Concert in China in 2013

  • PSSO Tour 2017 - The Baltics
    June 18-27

    • Tour Orchestra Rehearsal Schedule
    • Final Payment of approximately $408/person for Adults is due APRIL 15. A very few student may also have a small balance due. Cash or Check only. Turn in at either Preucil School office or mail.
    • See Email 9/5/16 under the Newsletter/Email tab on the above menu for details on Passports, Insurance, Flight, Candy, Photo, Etc
    • See Newsletter #1 under the Newsletter/Email tab on the above menu for details and forms
    • Reservation/Students Responsibility Form - form is under the Forms tab in the above menu
    • Trip Cancellation Insurance info and form are under the FORMS tab - ALL TRAVELERS MUST TURN IN A FORM BY APRIL 8, 2017, whether or not they purchase insurance
    • Payment Schedule. Statement will be sent before the Jan. payment.
    • Itinerary. The working itinerary as of Feb. 3.
    • Flight Schedule & Hotels. Violins and Violas will be carried on. All the students are also allowed to carry on a personal item (usually a backpack), size to be noted later. All Passengers are allowed only 1 suitcase for the tour - so they all fit on the bus.
    • Concert Venues
    • For questions, contact Sharon, Tour Manager

    Click Links for Info on The Baltics in Europe