Reservation & Student Responsibilities Forms

  • One form is required per traveler
  • Adults fill out ONLY the Reservation Form
  • PSSO Members fill out both the Reservation & Student Responsibilities Forms
  • Reservation & Student Responsibilities Forms
  • DUE JUNE 3 with $200 DEPOSIT

Trip Cancellation Insurance

  • A Signed Form must be returned for each traveler, whether you purchase insurance or not
  • Purchase is Optional
  • Read coverage conditions carefully
  • Cancel-for-any-Reason requires purchase of coverage for the full MCI portion of the tour
  • $600/per person of the tour cost is covered in MCI's package
  • The balance of MCI's package is $2833 and costs $192 to cover.
  • Compare Included Coverage and Additional (Premium) Coverage
  • Included Insurance Info Brochure
  • Additional (Premier) Insurance Info Brochure
    - Costs Extra
  • Insurance Cost & REQUIRED Form
  • You may purchase any time from your August 15 payment until it MUST BE RECEIVED BY MCI by Apr 15.
  • If you are not purchasing insurance, turn in form As Soon As Possible - DEADLINE ARPIL 8
    For Purchases submitted after April 8, we will make no gaurantees MCI will receive them by their deadline.

Roommate Choice Form